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    In order to keep it friendly and safe for everyone to visit our Forums, please follow these rules. Not following the rules may result in a (life long) ban.

    1. Be respectful: Treat others with courtesy and respect, even if you disagree with them.

    2. No hate speech: Avoid any form of discrimination, racism, or offensive language.

    3. Stay on topic: Keep discussions relevant to the forum’s purpose or the specific thread.

    4. No spam: Avoid excessive self-promotion or irrelevant posting.

    5. Use proper language: Write in a clear and understandable manner, avoiding excessive use of abbreviations or slang.

    6. No personal attacks: Do not engage in personal insults or attacks against other members.

    7. Respect privacy: Do not share personal information about yourself or others without permission.

    8. No plagiarism: Do not copy and paste content without proper attribution.

    9. Report issues: If you see a violation of the rules, report it to the moderators.

    10. Follow specific forum guidelines: Adhere to any additional rules or guidelines set by the forum administrators.

    11. No nudity or explicit content; There is a zero tolerance policy on these subjects.

    12. No religious or political discussions: Do not start or steer any conversations in this topic.

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