EGJJF Legit Brown Belt

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    25th of November

    What’s the idea?

    For passing the test the Legit Brown Belt has to do:

    4 matches 5min against Blue Belts
    3 matches 6min against Purple Belts
    2 matches 8min against Brown Belts
    1 match 8min against Black Belt

    6 wins of which at least 3 on submission.
    Max 2 be submitted by Blue and Purple

    (The fights will be started on their knees)

    Please also sign up as Blue, Purple and Brown as sparrings partner.

    After the test there will be an Open Mat and FOOD

    Remember, don’t drink and drive!

    Judo Academy
    Tijvoortselaan 1, Goirle

    VISIT PORTAL for more info

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