EGJJF Autumn Camp 2023 is online!

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    If you click this link, you will be able to acces the Course EGJJF Autumn Camp 2023, and follow the different seminars step by step. Each instructor has his own chapter with the following subjects/techniques:

    Raoul Hiwat (No-Gi):

    • Leg sweep
    • Combo to hip throw
    • Arm drag
    • Americana
    • Arm triangle from mount
    • Defense against arm triangle
    • Combo from arm triangle to armbar

    Harold Harder:

    • Posture and opening the guard
    • Knee slide pass
    • Knee slide pass; dealing with the knee shield

    Harold Harder & Michel Verhoeven

    • Stategy; The underhook (cross side)
    • Strategy; How to get the most out of your (knee slide) passing
    • Strategy; Modified choke from cross side
    • Strategy; A proper underhook
    • Strategy; No underhook, the next best thing.
    • Startegy; How to deal with the whizzer.
    • Strategy; How to move the hip in open guard.

    Michel Verhoeven (No-Gi):

    • Armbar; Understanding the application
    • Armbar; Setting it up from cross side (after knee slide pass)
    • Armbar; Setting it up from half guard
    • Armbar; Setting it up from guard

    Frank Strooker

    • Build the wall stop; Connection (punch deflection)
    • Build the wall stop; Go to the back
    • Switching grips; Takedown

    Enroll now and enjoy!

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